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Civil Partnership Dissolution Solicitors

The breakdown of a relationship is often a difficult time. Our specialist team of civil partnership solicitors can advise on dissolution and financial settlement, as well as arrangements for children.

We can guide you through the entire process of ending your civil partnership from start to finish, keeping things as straightforward and stress-free as possible. Our experts will ensure that you fully understand all of the implications of your dissolution, so you are fully prepared for all of the issues you will need to deal with.

There may be financial matters which need to be resolved following the breakdown of the relationship. We have expert knowledge on financial settlement and our team would be more than happy to advise on available options.

If you have children, we can help you with making arrangements for where they will live, what contact they will have with each parent and any other issues you need to resolve.

Whatever your circumstances, the Glanvilles team will give you close personal support to make sure your civil partnership can be dissolved in the best way for your needs and those of your loved ones.

Get in touch with our civil partnership lawyers in Chichester, Fareham, Havant or Petworth

You can contact your local Glanvilles office in ChichesterFarehamHavant or Petworth or fill in our simple online enquiry form for a quick response.

The Glanvilles guide to civil partnership dissolution

How do you end a civil partnership?

To end a civil partnership, there are a number of steps you will need to go through. You can either manage the process by yourself or work with a solicitor who will guide you through and deal with the paperwork for you.

The steps in a civil partnership dissolution are:

  1. Complete a civil partnership dissolution application. This is now normally done online, but you can request a paper copy of the forms to fill out if you prefer.
  2. Submit the application to the relevant court. Again, this is normally done online, but if you wish to submit a paper application, your solicitor can advise you.
  3. The court will formally ‘issue’ the application. This starts the clock on the dissolution proceedings.
  4. Wait 20 weeks for the time the court issues the application. This is intended as a time for you to reflect on the application, so you can be sure you truly wish to end your civil partnership.
  5. Apply for a Conditional Order. Once the 20-week wait period is over, you can apply to the court for a court order called a Conditional Order. By granting this order, the court is stating that it sees no legal reason the dissolution cannot proceed.
  6. Wait 6 weeks from the date the Conditional Order is granted. This is a second reflection period to, again, make sure you are happy to move forward with the dissolution.
  7. Apply for a Final Order. Once the second wait period is over, you can apply to the court for a Final Order. This is a court order that confirms that your civil partnership has been legally dissolved. Once you have your Final Order, your dissolution is complete.

Our civil partnership solicitors will be happy to guide you through the entire process or assist with individual steps as required.

What are the grounds for civil partnership dissolution?

If you have been in a civil partnership for over a year, you can bring dissolution proceedings on the basis of the irretrievable breakdown of the partnership. As of April 2022, you do not need to do anything to explain why this breakdown has occurred, you simply need to include a ‘statement of irretrievable breakdown’ in your dissolution application. This is due to the introduction of ‘no fault’ civil partnership dissolution under the terms of the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020.

Previously, when applying for a civil partnership dissolution, you had to rely on one of four acceptable ‘facts’ to show why your relationship had broken down. The four facts upon which you could rely to support the irretrievable breakdown of your civil partnership were as follows:

  • Unreasonable behaviour
  • Desertion for 2 years
  • 2 years separation by consent
  • 5 years separation

The first two facts relied on one partner ‘taking the blame’ for the breakdown of the relationship while the second two facts required a long wait before making a dissolution application. The move to a no fault system, therefore, helps to avoid conflict and unnecessary delays to dissolution proceedings.

How long does a civil partnership dissolution take?

The legal process for dissolution of a civil partnership will take a minimum of 26 weeks, from the court officially ‘issuing’ your application to the point when a final order is granted, legally dissolving your civil partnership. This is due to the two mandatory wait periods of 20 and 6 weeks as set out above.

The time it takes to divide finances and make arrangements for children will vary and can take longer. It is normally advised that you do not apply for the final order until these matters are resolved.

Generally speaking, issues around finances and children can be dealt with much faster through negotiation, mediation and collaborative law, as opposed to court proceedings. This is one reason why we always encourage our clients to use amicable methods for their dissolution wherever possible.

How we deal with civil partnership dissolution

At Glanvilles, we know that no two separations are the same and that each person will have their own unique circumstances and concerns. As such, we will always tailor our approach to your civil partnership to the outcome you need to achieve and the way you want the process to unfold.

In the first instance, we will normally always seek to work with you and your partner to find an amicable way forward. Our team offer strong skills in alternative dispute resolution, including qualified collaborative lawyer, Charlotte Woodhouse. In most cases, it is possible to negotiate details such as the division of finances and arrangements for children, meaning it is unusual for contentious court proceedings to be required.

If you are unable to agree on the details surrounding your separation or working together is inappropriate (e.g. if there has been a history of domestic abuse), then we can advise you on seeking solutions through the courts.

Whatever your requirements, our civil partnership solicitors are here to guide you to the best possible outcome for you and your loved ones.

Why choose Glanvilles’ civil partnership dissolution solicitors?

Our civil partnership dissolution solicitors can offer:

  • Many years of experience guiding couples through both straightforward and more complex separations
  • Family Law Advanced accreditation from the Law Society, reflecting our high level of specialist expertise
  • Close, personal support with a keen understanding of the emotional and practical impact civil partnership dissolution can have on people’s lives

The Glanvilles’ client service promise

When you use our civil partnership dissolution services, we promise:

  • Our staff will be friendly, respectful and attentive.
  • Your concerns will be listened to, your questions answered and your options explained in plain English.
  • The cost of dealing with your requirements will be made clear to you from the outset.
  • We will answer your phone calls and emails promptly.
  • We will keep you regularly updated at all times.

Get in touch with our civil partnership dissolution solicitors in Chichester, Fareham, Havant or Petworth

You can contact your local Glanvilles office in ChichesterFarehamHavant or Petworth or fill in our simple online enquiry form for a quick response.