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Negotiating Financial Agreements

Glanvilles can help resolve any kind of financial dispute involved with your divorce. We combine excellent negotiation and dispute resolution skills. Glanvilles Solicitors can advise on the division of assets such as UK property, companies, partnerships, agricultural or commercial assets, off-shore investments and trusts and commercial and international property.

Ways of reaching a financial divorce settlement include:

Voluntary Disclosure

This is where both parties agree to voluntarily disclose complete financial information – including bank statements, property valuations, life policies, endowment policies, savings, payslips, P60's, personal chattels and pension valuations. You can then usually reach a negotiated settlement through solicitors. Once the settlement is finalised, the agreement can then be converted into a Court order, which, when approved will be legally binding.

Collaborative Law

Collaborative law involves negotiations in a round the table meeting between you, your spouse and both solicitors. You will enter into a binding agreement that commits you to seeking to reach a financial settlement. During the Collaborative process the parties agree that they will not apply to the Court. Glanvilles have fully trained Collaborative Lawyers who can advise you. Again, any agreement reached can be converted into a Court order.


Mediation is often the most successful way to resolve financial disputes. The Mediator, who is entirely independent, will see both parties together and assist them in reaching financial agreement. The Mediator will not give legal advice but will help in trying to resolve the dispute between them in respect of finances. If matters can be agreed, the agreement can be converted into a Court order which will be legally binding.

Interim Financial Arrangements

Glanvilles can also help with interim financial agreements if your spouse is failing to support you financially. We will make an emergency application to the Court for a 'interim maintenance'. This is a Court order, which requires your spouse to pay you a specific sum until the divorce is brought to a conclusion.

For more information on negotiating financial agreements associated with divorce get in touch with our divorce solicitors in Chichester, Fareham and Havant

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