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Injunctions & Occupation Orders Solicitors

We have a team of experienced lawyers who deal with injunctions and occupation orders with a real understanding of the sensitive nature of such proceedings. We will ensure that your case is dealt with in the most suitable way according to your circumstances

An Injunction is a civil Court order which can be used to keep you safe. Injunctions can be obtained from the Court at very short notice, sometimes even on the same day. In certain circumstances, your partner may not even know that you are seeking an injunction.

Non-molestation Orders

This type of injunction will prevent your partner from assaulting, harassing or pestering you and/or your children. It can also prevent your partner from coming within a certain area or distance from you. This type of injunction also prevents your partner from trying to intimidate or threaten you through other people, i.e. getting someone else to do things on their behalf.

Occupation Orders

This can exclude your partner from the property where you and your partner live together. This is to prevent harm to you and/or your children. In certain circumstances the Courts can order your abusive partner to leave the property immediately and not be permitted to return.

It is possible to obtain an injunction that is a combination of these two orders. The Courts look at the circumstances of each case individually and orders are given accordingly. Glanvilles will advise you of precisely what protection you can expect from the Courts.

Applying for an Injunction

To apply for an injunction, it is necessary to attend Court. The Court will consider all the facts of the case to decide if an injunction is appropriate.

Breaking an Injunction

The Court treats the breach of an injunction order as a very serious matter, in extreme cases, punishable by imprisonment.

Glanvilles are still able to offer legal support in applications for an injunction, depending on means.

For further information regarding injunctions & occupation orders get in touch with our  solicitors in Chichester, Fareham and Havant

You can contact your local Glanvilles office in Chichester, FarehamHavant or Petworth or use the contact form below and we will get back to you quickly.