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Licensing Agreements Solicitors

Licensing intellectual property rights as well as new ideas and technologies is an important component of any successful commercial strategy. However, it is essential that the terms of any licensing agreement you enter into support your overall business goals, allowing you to operate profitably while staying legally protected.

Glanvilles’ business solicitors have extensive experience and specialist expertise in the licensing process. We can help in all stages - from advising on the most appropriate form of intellectual property protection to confidentiality contracts that protect sensitive information during discussions with prospective partners.

In drafting and negotiating the license agreement itself, we apply our years of experience with our ability to adapt to any kind of innovation. Thanks to our expertise in the underlying principles of patent licensing, we can ensure your intellectual property is protected and that you gain the patent licence that's exactly right for your business needs.

Whether you are an intellectual property holder looking to profit by licensing your IP or a company that needs to licence a key piece of intellectual property for your own business activities, we can provide seasoned expertise to help you achieve your commercial goals.

Speak to one of our expert licensing agreements solicitors in Chichester, FarehamHavant or Petworth or use our simple enquiry form to ask us a question and get a quick response.

How we can help your business with licensing agreements

Advice on protecting your intellectual property

Where you have created valuable intellectual property, it is important to know what sort of protection you may already have and where you will need to apply for additional protection for your IP.

Our expert intellectual property lawyers can advise on all types of IP protection, including:

  • Trade marks
  • Registered designs
  • Patents
  • Copyright
  • Design rights

IP confidentiality agreements

A common concern is about protecting your intellectual property and business secrets during preliminary discussions and negotiations with potential commercial partners, including investors and businesses looking to licence your IP.

To alleviate these concerns, our team can draft a robust confidentiality agreement that ensures nothing is disclosed during these discussions and negotiations can be used by the other party or parties involved. You can then talk openly with potential commercial partners without fear of giving away trade secrets or hurting your financial interests.

Negotiating IP licensing agreements

We are highly experienced in acting for both IP holders and businesses looking to licence strategically valuable IP during contract negotiations. We can draft and review licensing agreements, making sure your requirements are accounted for and your long-term interests protected.

Our licencing agreements solicitors’ expertise includes:

  • Exclusive agreements
  • Non-exclusive agreements
  • Sub-licences
  • Warranties
  • Liabilities

Where you need to renew an IP licence, we can make sure this happens in a timely fashion and that any changes to the licence agreement that you require can be taken into account.

Why choose Glanvilles’ licensing agreements solicitors?

With many years of experience advising intellectual property holders and businesses looking to access valuable IP, we can help you to get the right licensing agreement in place for your business goals as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Using our expertise and knowledge of where problems can arise, we can ensure the terms of the agreement match your business goals, allow you to see a positive return on your investment and help to create a relationship that will work for both parties long-term.

By anticipating the potential for future dispute and taking proactive steps to head off such issues, we can help you to avoided unnecessary IP disputes, saving you and your business time, money and stress.

The Glanvilles client service promise

When you use our commercial law services, we promise:

  • Our staff will be friendly, respectful and attentive.
  • Your concerns will be listened to, your questions answered and your options explained in plain English.
  • The cost of dealing with your requirements will be made clear to you from the outset.
  • We will answer your phone calls and emails promptly.
  • We will keep you regularly updated at all times.

Glanvilles LLP is Lexcel accredited by the Law Society in recognition of the high standards of our practice management and client care. We are independently regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).

Get in touch with our licensing agreements solicitors in Hampshire & West Sussex

For expert help with any aspect of licensing agreements or other areas of commercial law, please contact your local Glanvilles office in Chichester, FarehamHavant or Petworth or use our simple enquiry form and we will get back to you quickly.