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Private Lending

If you need funding, for example, to invest in commercial property or to undertake a development, but there are reasons why a commercial lender is not the best option, you may be considering private finance. This can offer flexibility and is often quicker to arrange than a conventional commercial mortgage. However, you need to be sure that your interests are protected and that you fully understand the implications before entering into the agreement.

At Glanvilles, we represent real estate investors and other borrowers in taking out loans from private lenders. We will check the paperwork thoroughly and draw your attention to any issues you need to be aware of. Where necessary, we can negotiate the terms and conditions on your behalf to ensure that the agreement is in your best interests.

We also represent private money lenders, drafting watertight loan agreements and ensuring that charges are correctly registered.

Our team has extensive experience in dealing with commercial financing and property transactions and we provide comprehensive advice and representation across a full range of funding and property investment matters.

Get in touch for private lending advice

You can contact our private lending solicitors in West Sussex and Hampshire at your local branch in ChichesterFarehamHavant or Petworth.

Alternatively, you can fill in our online enquiry form and a member of our team will be in touch shortly.

How we can help with private lending

We offer a full range of private finance services, including:

  • Advice to borrowers on private loan lender terms and conditions
  • Fulfilling lenders’ requirements prior to completion
  • Arranging completion of private loans
  • Representing private lenders, including drafting private loan agreements
  • Liaising with borrowers’ solicitors to check compliance with terms and conditions
  • Dealing with the registration of secured loans

What is private lending?

Private lending is the borrowing of an advance from a party other than a bank or other conventional funding institution.

A loan from private lenders tends to be a bespoke arrangement negotiated between the parties, with the deal tailored to the unique situation.

It is a more flexible option than traditional commercial lending, and it can offer the opportunity to negotiate issues such as the length of the loan, repayments and the level of funding to be provided.

The loan will usually be secured against an asset, such as commercial property.

How does private lending differ from conventional lending?

Private lending is generally offered over a much shorter period than conventional lending. There may be some scope to negotiate this, but often the loan will be for less than ten years.

While commercial mortgages are not regulated in the same way as residential mortgages, traditional funders are subject to FCA rules.

Conventional lenders will have strict in-house criteria for lending and are often inflexible when it comes to assessing borrowers. Private lenders can be more open to non-traditional proposals and may take on borrowers that mainstream funders would not.

When deciding whether to lend and how much to lend, private lenders will look mainly at the value of the asset against which the loan will be secured, rather than looking in depth at the financial situation of the borrower.

What are the benefits of using a private lender?

One of the main benefits of using a private lender is that they can be less rigid than a traditional lender across all aspects of the loan.

The loan process can often be completed more quickly than a conventional commercial mortgage or other commercial advance. The lender may also be less rigid in dealing with the due diligence work beforehand.

Private lending is typically offered in situations that conventional banks would find too risky. For this reason, it may be the only option available in some circumstances.

What are the drawbacks of using a private lender?

A private loan generally has higher repayment costs and the loan will usually be for a much shorter term than a conventional mortgage advance, often for between three and seven years. The interest payments will usually be variable, rather than fixed or discounted.

While a shorter loan period can be ideal for developers and others intending to make a quick turnaround, it does mean that you need to have a sound plan in place for repaying the sum at the end of the term.

It is crucial to have a clear understanding of the terms contained in the loan agreement and the risks involved. For example, you need to be aware of the power the lender will have in the event that a payment is late or you breach the terms of the agreement in some other way.

Our private loan solicitors can give you a clear explanation of the terms and conditions you will be agreeing to and draw your attention to any areas of concern. We are expert negotiators and where necessary we can request that changes are made to better protect your position.

Why choose Glanvilles for private lending advice?

Being able to secure finance as and when it is needed is a crucial part of success in property and other commercial transactions. At Glanvilles, we know that deals are often time-sensitive and we always work proactively to meet deadlines.

We have the experience to ensure that private money lending is dealt with professionally, protecting your interests and making sure that you fully understand the terms and conditions you are agreeing to.

We deal with a full range of commercial property transactions, including private lender loans for acquisition, investment, development and refinancing. We represent borrowers and lenders and take on individual transactions as well as large portfolios.

We offer private finance representation throughout Hampshire, West Sussex and across South East England.

Our services represent excellent value for money and we will ensure that you have a private lending lawyer with the level of experience necessary for your transaction.

The Glanvilles’ client service promise

When you use our services, we promise:

  • Our staff will be friendly, respectful and attentive.
  • Your concerns will be listened to, your questions answered, and your options explained in plain English.
  • The cost of dealing with your requirements will be made clear to you from the outset.
  • We will answer your phone calls and emails promptly.
  • We will keep you regularly updated at all times.

Contact our private lending solicitors

You can contact our experienced private lending solicitors in West Sussex and Hampshire at your local branch in ChichesterFarehamHavant or Petworth.

Alternatively, you can fill in our online enquiry form and a member of our team will be in touch shortly.