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Landlord & Tenant Law Solicitors

With its large number of statutes and numerous regulations, the law regarding landlord and tenant is a complex area. Glanvilles Commercial Property solicitors have extensive experience in advising both landlords and tenants.

For landlords, we can offer a bespoke service to help you with the management of your commercial property portfolio. For tenants, we can provide tailored and detailed advice and empower you to enforce your legal rights.

Dealing with legal issues and disputes involving commercial property can be stressful for everyone involved. If you are a landlord, your priorities will be to protect your income and the value of your property whilst providing a quality service to your tenants. If you are a tenant, your rental property it likely to be essential to the running of your business, for example, it is used as your premises or office.

We can offer advice and guidance across all types of landlord and tenant matters, from reviewing and drafting leasing to advising on rent arrears, to regaining possession of the property.

Our team are friendly, approachable and practical. Wherever possible, we will help you retain a positive relationship with your landlord or tenant so as to avoid a lengthy dispute and the costs of moving out or finding a new tenant. We can skilfully negotiate on your behalf and, because we advise both landlords and tenants, we fully understand the other’s perspective. We utilise this knowledge to help our clients find constructive resolutions efficiently and cost-effectively. As well as our extensive legal knowledge, we are commercially minded and conduct all cases with our clients’ business goals and strategy in mind.

For expert landlord and tenant advice, get in touch with our commercial property solicitors in Chichester, Fareham or Havant.

Our commercial landlord and tenant law expertise

As well as advising on and drafting, negotiating and arranging new leases, we also act for a wide range of clients including corporate occupiers and retailers on business lease renewals.

We are here to assist when the relationship between landlord and tenant becomes problematic and one or the other of the parties becomes in breach of their obligations or wishes to change the terms of their agreement. These circumstances include:

Break rights and surrenders

Break notices frequently involve complications concerning tenant obligations. Our commercial property solicitors are often called upon by landlords and tenants to advise on the continuance of leases, possibly dealing with defective break notices and non-compliance with pre-conditions.

Consents to assign, underlet, alter and change use

Leases usually contain covenants which affect the way in which tenants can use their premises. We regularly advise landlords and tenants on the interpretation and enforceability of these covenants.

Rent reviews

Our commercial property solicitors advise landlords and tenants regarding both their rights and opportunities in rent reviews and work closely with surveyors in seeking to agree the rent payable under a lease.

Rent and service charge recovery

We act for a range of landlords across all sectors regarding the speedy and cost effective recovery of rent and service charges from tenants.


We regularly review leases on behalf of landlords and tenants and advise about the tenant’s entitlement to renew the lease and remain in the property after the expiry of the term. Where the landlord wishes to contract out of the obligation to renew the lease, it must be clearly written into the lease document and signed by the tenant.

Ending a tenancy

Where a landlord has served notice to end a tenancy, the tenant may apply to court for a new lease. Landlords may object to the creation of a new lease on various grounds such as late payments of rent or other breaches of the lease. We help landlords comply with the strict legal requirements of ending a commercial tenancy as well as defending any claims by the tenant to create a new lease. We also advise tenants in respect of these claims.


Leases often contain a right for the landlord to re-enter the premises and forfeit the lease if the tenant is in breach of its obligations. Our highly skilled team is experienced in advising both landlords and tenants on the right to forfeit, how it can be waived and how relief from the process can be obtained from the court.


We have significant experience advising LPA Receivers and Property Consultants upon either landlord or tenant insolvency.

Dilapidations and exit strategies

We work with leading valuation experts on behalf of landlords and tenants to support or defend a claim as required.

Other landlord and tenant disputes

As well as the above areas, we can advise generally about landlord and tenant disputes, including commercial landlords’ legal responsibilities (for example, around fire safety), insurance obligations, and disagreements about the interpretation or enforceability of clauses under the lease.

Contact our landlord-tenant law solicitors today

For expert landlord and tenant advice, get in touch with our commercial property solicitors in Chichester, Fareham or Havant.