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Charitable Organisations


A charity is a group of individuals or an organisation which has exclusively charitable purposes and is entirely for the public benefit. Due to its broad definition, there are a number of types of charity structures. When choosing to form a charity, some are more suitable than others depending on each individual circumstance.

The main types of charitable organisation are:

  • charitable unincorporated organisation;
  • charitable trust;
  • charitable company; and
  • charitable incorporated organisation.

There are also other types of charitable organisations which are generally used in specific situations.

At Glanvilles Solicitors, we understand that deciding which charitable structure to choose for your charitable purposes is not always straightforward. Our team is able to provide clear explanations on the differences between charitable structures and can advise on which may be best suited for your proposed charity.

We can also assist with the formation of your charity; whether that involves drafting an enforceable contract for a charitable unincorporated organisation, dealing with the setting up and registering a charitable company or completing an application to be a charitable incorporated organisation with the Charity Commission.

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