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Financial Claims on Divorce

Glanvilles have a wealth of experience in dealing with financial matters following the breakdown of the marriage. Our team treat all cases with the utmost sensitivity and when necessary, tough litigation skills. If alternative dispute resolution is not successful, i.e. Solicitor negotiations, collaborative law & mediation, you may wish to make an application to the Court to get financial matters resolved.

Either party is entitled to make an application to Court. The Courts starting point for any division of assets is an equal division. There may, however, be certain circumstances in which the Court will depart from equality. Our team of family solicitors will be happy to advise on any aspect of financial dispute.

The Court will consider all aspects of the case to include the following factors when making orders for a spouse:

  • The income, earning capacity, property and other financial resources of the parties
  • The financial needs, obligations and responsibilities of the parties
  • The standard of living enjoyed by the parties during the marriage
  • The age of the parties and duration of the marriage
  • Any physical and/or mental disability of the parties
  • The contributions made the parties; both financial and being the homemaker
  • Conduct of the parties