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Personal Injury Trusts Solicitors


Are you about to receive, or have you received, Compensation from a Personal Injury Claim in the last 10 months? If so contact us for a consultation to see how and why you need to protect this through a Personal Injury Trust.

Why should I consider a Personal Injury Trust?

If you don’t, you and/or your partner could lose thousands of pounds by loss of right to receive means tested benefits – either now or in the future. For example if you or your spouse/partner lose your job or have to go into residential care.

What are Means Tested Benefits?

  • Income Support and Job seekers Allowance
  • Housing and Council Tax Benefits
  • Child and Working tax credits
  • Free residential care fees

How will a personal injury trust help me?

If the compensation payment is in a Personal Injury Trust you don’t lose your right to receive means tested benefits.

What will happen to my money in the Personal Injury Trust?

It will be held in the trust for your benefit but it can only be used for ‘extras’ – which are not day to day living costs (otherwise means tested benefits may be affected). Extras include cars, houses, Sky TV, broadband, holidays etc – i.e you can have your cake and eat it!

Contact us to set up a Personal Injury trust for you which will be specifically designed to suit your needs.

Get in touch with our Personal Injury Trusts solicitors in Hampshire & West Sussex

For expert help with setting up a personal injury trust, please contact your local Glanvilles office in Chichester, FarehamHavant or Petworth or use our simple enquiry form and we will get back to you quickly.