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Motorcycle Accident Claims

A combination of speed and vulnerability means that when a motorcycle is involved in an accident, especially a collision with another motor vehicle, the injuries incurred have the potential to be devastating if not fatal. Running a bike these days is an expensive business. Those most likely to own and ride a powerful motorcycle are aged between 30 – 39 years. If an accident happens to them, they are likely to have dependent children and be the main breadwinner of the family.

The motorcycle accident claims experts

The Glanvilles personal injury team are all too familiar with the other party's insurers trying to pin the blame on the "reckless" motorcyclist. We have proven expertise in fighting our motorcyclist clients' cases and gaining the maximum compensation for injury and other losses arising from their accidents.

Glanvilles will thoroughly investigate the circumstances of your accident. We will interview witnesses, take or review photographs, calculate lines of sight, reaction times, braking and stopping distances. All of these elements can be crucial in whether or not there is a successful outcome to your claim. Our expertise includes claims where damaged road surfaces are involved. We are also used to making claims against the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB) because the other party is uninsured or untraceable. Our priority is to get you the maximum compensation you deserve and help you with all the legal, medical, and financial issues that may be involved with a serious motorcycling accident. That may mean securing interim payments to relieve financial hardship or finding the necessary funds for long term financial and medical support if required.

Glanvilles can offer assistance with many other legal needs that may be connected with your serious motorcycling accident. In the case of a substantial compensation award, it may be worth setting up a trust to protect the monies from DWP benefits deduction. Because of your injuries, you may need to move or adapt your current home. We can advise on these and a wide range of other issues directly and indirectly related to your serious motorcycle accident claim.