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Multiple Injury Compenstion Claims

In a case of multiple serious injuries, Glanvilles' priority is to ensure that you receive the correct medical treatment and rehabilitation as rapidly as possible. We can usually get treatment and rehabilitation agreed and funded with interim payments even before the other side has accepted liability so there are no obstacles preventing you receiving the medical attention you need straight away.

It is possible to sustain multiple traumas and injuries in any accident. The most common cause of serious multiple injury claims are car crashes or road traffic accidents. A road traffic accident can often result in a combination of injuries, especially if there was a series of collisions with traffic barriers and street furniture as well as with other vehicles.

Early assessment is of major importance

Arranging to get an early medical report and the correct therapy and rehabilitation as quickly as possible will aid your recovery immensely. It will also provide strong evidence in support of your compensation claim. In multiple injury cases, opponents will frequently try to highlight "pre-existing" conditions. Their insurers may try to reduce any compensation award by claiming that some symptoms you display were in placed before the accident. Early medical assessment and intervention will counter those arguments should they arise.

Your claim value

Serious multiple injury claims are difficult to put a value on. For example, if you've suffered multiple fractures, those injuries have to be considered in total with regard to their combined impact on your health, mobility and lifestyle. This impact may well be substantially greater than if each injury was assessed individually. Because of the life-long implications of multiple serious injuries, you may need legal assistance on a continuing basis. It may be worth setting up a trust to protect your compensation award from benefits deductions or you may need to move or adapt your current home due to your injuries.

Glanvilles has successfully represented hundreds of clients who've suffered catastrophic or multiple serious injuries. We have partnerships with leading treatment providers who can give you the immediate medical support you require. When it comes to funding your claim, we can talk you through the various options available. We put our clients first so you can be sure of our support and advice throughout your claim and beyond.