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Lost of Sight Claims

Our senses are vital to our everyday lives and can be damaged as a result of an accident at work or a head injury or in a number of different ways as a result of an accident. Temporary damage to an eye may cause inconvenience or perhaps time off work. A major eye injury that results in loss of sight can have a significant effect on both your home and work life. All sorts of accidents, including road traffic accidents, accidents at work, slipping or tripping accidents can cause eye injuries. If you suffer an eye injury or problems with your vision as a result of an accident, you have the right to make a claim and Glanvilles is here to help.

Making a claim

Depending on the circumstances of the accident, Glanvilles can help you decide whether it's in your interest to make a claim for damage to or loss of sight. If you do decide to proceed, you will need to make a claim within three years of the date of the accident. If you are claiming in respect of a disease or medical condition, then the claim must be within three years of the date you knew that disease or medical condition was caused by somebody else's negligence. Glanvilles will aim to ensure that the cost of any corrective treatment or aids you require due to the injury you sustained in your claim is included.