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Fatal Accident Compensation Claims

Compensation awards and financial matters are the last thing on your mind following the accidental death of a loved one. However, a compensation claim may become a necessity if a child is left without a parent or you are left without your spouse or partner, especially if they were the main breadwinner. With a combination of sensitivity and sympathy allied to professional efficiency, Glanvilles experts can help you make a fatal accident claim.

We can help

Accidental death can be the result of all kinds of circumstances. The Glanvilles team has many years' experience advising and dealing with fatal accident claims including road traffic accidents, accidents on holiday, accidents on board aeroplanes or ships and accidents at work. We are also able to assist in circumstances where clinical or medical negligence is to blame.

We aim to provide expert advice and assistance over and above compensation awards and purely financial matters. We can provide information and guidance to help you get through the various legal stages. This includes information about the inquest (if there is one), help with funeral expenses, bereavement payments and childcare costs. We can also eliminate unnecessary worry by helping with loss of service claims, setting up personal injury trusts or changing your will.

Establishing liability

An inquest will only deal with how your loved one died, not who was to blame for their death. To obtain compensation on your behalf, we need to establish fault or liability. To make a successful claim will require us to show that the fatal accident occurred as a result of a third party's negligence. Glanvilles team of specialists will guide you through the process and procedures whilst working with the police to establish who was to blame.