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Amputation Compensation Claims

A life-changing personal injury, amputation can result from a car crash, motorcycle accident, an accident at work or the result of clinical error. Whatever the cause, Glanvilles can help with your amputation claim so that you can receive the long term medical care, rehabilitation and financial advice you need to maintain your home and family and keep your independence.

Should I make a compensation claim?

Amputation means that more than likely you'll need specialist assistance and care for life. You'll also require equipment and modifications to your home, so that you can be as mobile and independent as possible. That will cost substantial sums of money, financed both by your compensation award and state benefits where applicable. Glanvilles specialist personal injury lawyers can ensure that your amputation claim gives you your life back. In addition, where possible, we'll obtain interim payments to fund the early support you require.

Claiming the maximum compensation possible

You need to obtain the maximum compensation possible, as quickly as you can. There are constant improvements and innovations in the standard, comfort and effectiveness of prosthetic devices and artificial limbs for virtually every amputee, but for the NHS, the cost of keeping up with these can be prohibitive. It's essential that your compensation claim includes the cost of the most advanced equipment available so you're not solely relying on NHS funding. Your needs will be life long and it's likely that your employment may be affected, so you should also look for help with trusts and investments as any compensation award has to be carefully managed to support you for your lifetime.

The Amputation claim experts

Glanvilles understands the needs of the amputee and genuinely care about fighting your cause. We have access to medical experts who can not only provide evidence to support your claim, but can also offer important on-going advice and information to you and your family. We're very familiar with amputation compensation claims and have excellent contacts and working relationships with medical and non-medical experts.